Solaris on Virtual PC 2007 Part II

Contunuing from yesterday, I managed to fully run SolarisExpress/Nevada b54 on Virtual PC 2007, I brought the virtual disk I installed yesterday to this time on an Intel Core 2 Duo PC with hardware assisted virualization.


Virtual PC 2007 emulates S3 Trio 32/64 8MB as graphical output device, but xorg 6.9 s3 driver that came with Nevada b54 doesn’t work here. Xorg vesa drivers works but it cannot detect correct HorizSync and VertRefresh parameters. To avoid trial and error I fire up Knoppix on another virtual machine and it detect HorizSync: 28-96 and VertRefresh 50-75, after configuring Nevada b54’s Xorg with those parameters I ran gdm again (svcadm enable gdm) and finally 1024×768 graphical login showed up.

GDM Login

Networking runs fine, Virtual PC emulates DECnet card supported by dnet driver and it was detected during installation. There are several several methods for network connections, Shared network/NAT the guest machine and host machine will be assigned IP address by virtual DHCP server, and guest must set host IP assigned by virtual DHCP server as gateway. This works just like user mode networking on QEMU. The other method is the guest machine is given a virtual device and can be assigned configuration as if in the same network as host machine, this works like QEMU using TUN/TAP device or VMware using vmnet device, but unlike those the virtual device doesn’t show up on host’s Network Connections and can only be configured by the guest OS.

Sound device emulated by Virtual PC is only an ISA SoundBlaster 16 and it’s not supported by Nevada b54.

The performance is quite good, when I clicked StarOffice icon until the StarOffice is loaded the system is still responsive. FYI the host machine is Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 @2.6 GHz, 1GB RAM and the virtual disk resides on an external USB Harddisk (Fujitsu 4500 rpm).

Here’s a screenshot showing StarOffice impress and Nautilus browsing Windows network

Nevada b54 Desktop


7 Responses to “Solaris on Virtual PC 2007 Part II”

  1. giovani Says:

    wah coba spek kompi aku segitu asyk kali ya!
    salam kenal

  2. Vincent Says:

    Hello , I read on the comments you successfully install the AHCI driver for Gigabyte P965-DS3 . Could you help me with that please? my email is my msn , Thanks!

  3. Jeremy Says:


    Would you mind posting your xorg.conf file?



  4. interesting fact Says:

    You are so much like me, or i’m like you, well anyway, if we knew each other we’d make a good team, hehe, keep up the good work

  5. Mike Says:

    can you explain “configuring Nevada b54’s Xorg with those parameters I ran gdm again (svcadm enable gdm) and finally 1024×768 graphical login showed up.”


  6. Black_Claw Says:


  7. Brian Knoblauch Says:

    I’m unable to get it working. Virtual PC blows up with a “Internal Virtual Machine Error(3) has ocurred”. Anyone got any ideas?

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